Thursday, September 25, 2014

Red Team - Matt & Sean - The Ginger Twins

Team Bio:

These brothers were delivered as a team 42 years ago and have since shared a passion for sport, competition, and quality cuts of meat.

Like most identical twins, these two can read each other's minds and finish each other's sentences (and beers, often without permission).

As buff young men, these two have competed at international levels in both synchronized swimming (pairs event) and tandem bicycling. Retired from the professional circuit they are now private investigators by day, and semi-successful lounge singers by  night. Though they have yet to be hired for a single case, they are confident that their trench coats and magnifying glasses will soon pay off.  In the meantime, they keep their skill sharp by playing Clue online, and their chests smooth by hot waxing each other on a twice-monthly schedule. "It's more aerodynamic," explains Matt, while dripping hot wax all over Sean's broad, well-muscled chest. "Plus, it looks better in our stage costumes, when we like to show a little -" "-skin!" finishes Sean, as Matt pulls the first of many long, hairy strips.

Potential roadblocks: triplets, unicycles

Team Motto "Twice as good as all you other suckers!"

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