Sunday, August 23, 2015

The cup is ready to go somewhere new!
Sean and I are heading up to the cottage on Thursday night so please feel free to come any time on Friday.

Notes on the race:
Everyone will start at the same time for Leg 1, unless they have not met the previously listed conditions. For the second Leg, the first place team will leave immdiately, followed 20 seconds later by the second team, and so on. The winners of the first 3 legs will receive either
A yield: force another team to sit out for one full minute. Can be used at any point during the race by turning it in to me. Cannot be used in the 5th Leg.
An express pass: can be used to skip any task, detour or roadblock. Can be used at any point except the 5th Leg by turning it in to me.
A u-turn: force another team to complete BOTH tasks in a detour, OR use to to negate someone's express pass.

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