Monday, August 10, 2015

On your mark, get set....

Last year we ran an intense race in honour of Matt's 33rd birthday. Luc and Mel, considered the under dogs, were able to pull out a surprise win. They've carried the title and the trophy for nearly a year, but this, folks, is the end of that era.

I'm announcing to you today our next challenge - the Amazing Race: After Dark edition.

That's right. Game play starts after sunset on August 29th.

Returning champs Luc and Mel must relinquish their trophy.

Your first challenge is to give yourselves a team name and post it here. Check this page for updates.


  1. Considering Luc and I are the champions, we've decided to go with Team C.R.E.A.M. (In tribute to one of our favorite challenges last year). Team Blue will rock you!!!

    P.S. We still have our blue bandanas lol should we bring them?

  2. Well you guys are already winning! Now everyone else has to come up with team names as well.

    The teams are by couple this year:
    Mel & Luc
    Andre & Ashley
    Matt & Sarah
    Ben & Justin
    Sean & Gertie

    Every team needs a name; anyone who doesn't have one by August 28th will be assessed with a 30 second penalty on the first leg of the race.

    Oh, and Luc, you need to bring in the trophy, we're going to outfit it with a new plaque!

  3. Gertie and Sean will be the Wonder Twins!

  4. I'm betting all the marbles on Gertie...

  5. Yeah, she's a tough little competitor!

  6. Andre & Ashley will be #blacklace

  7. Matt and Sarah will be Bonnie and Clyde!

  8. My last name is Penasse and Ben's last name is St.Denis. Our team name will be Penise as in Denise. Don't get it twisted. True Peace!